Hunting Information

It’s hunting season!

Expanded archery deer hunting season begins Saturday, September 7th and ends December 14th in 2019.

Please note that hunting on Sundays is illegal in Maine.

The Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust (BTLT) allows hunting by permission only on some of the properties that BTLT owns, including Crystal Spring Farm. BTLT meets with all interested hunters before giving permission to hunt on specified properties to review property boundaries, the location of any trails, and BTLT’s hunting rules listed below.

Please note: We have reached our limit on the number of hunters with permission during the 2019 fall season to hunt at Crystal Spring Farm. Permissions are first come, first served and will open up again next year. Please check back later for more information.

Hikers should wear blaze orange and exercise caution during hunting season.

Please stay on marked trails and keep your dogs on leash.

Hunting is not only an important tradition in Maine, but an important management tool to protect farmers’ livelihoods. Deer can ravage crops overnight and create a significant burden for farmers, straining their finances, time, and labor, and in an effort to support the active farming at Crystal Spring Farm, BTLT allows safe and controlled bow hunting.

Hunters are expected to follow all state laws and local ordinances when hunting on BTLT properties, as well as the following rules:

  • Hunting is allowed with permission only;
  • Tree stands must be removed daily;
  • Hunters must remove all parts of deer bagged on BTLT properties;
  • Tree stands should be marked with the owner’s name as required by law ;
  • Hunters are expected to notify the BTLT office if they see anything we should know about;
  • Hunters should know the location of trails, patterns of use, property boundaries, and nearby residences;
  • Hunters should cross onto adjacent properties only if they have that landowner’s permission.

Click the map above for a larger, printable version.

Hunting at Crystal Spring Farm is bow hunting only by permission only for deer and turkey hunting. Please use designated parking areas indicated on the map below and do not park in farm lanes — they must be kept open for farm and emergency vehicles.

If you have any questions about BTLT’s hunting policies or properties, please contact Margaret Gerber at or call the office at 729-7694.

For more information about this year’s hunting season and hunting laws, please visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

If you have questions about hunting or see any illegal hunting activity taking place, you can contact a Game Warden 24-hours a day at 1-800-452-4664.