Dionne Farm

In mid-April 2024, the Land Trust entered an agreement to acquire the 25 acres of Dionne Farm on Pleasant Hill Road, one of Brunswick’s most viewed and beloved rural landscapes. This past winter, a local resident acquired the house, iconic barn, and surrounding land at 262 Pleasant Hill Road, directly across the road from BTLT’s Saturday Farmers’ Market at Crystal Spring Farm. This resident approached BTLT, extending an invitation to conserve this local landmark and granting the Land Trust two years to raise the necessary funds for this acquisition, plus the renovations necessary to meet BTLT’s expanding program needs.

Read more in our blog post and the Times Record article.

In the coming months, BTLT will be kicking off a comprehensive campaign that will not only secure the rich recreational, agricultural, and educational potential that Dionne Farm offers, but also will help us to grow into the goals of our new five-year strategic plan — goals that include:

  • further bolstering our successful merger with CREA,
  • increasing the effectiveness of our operations, and
  • advancing our strategic land conservation and stewardship capacity.

This moment marks an exhilarating juncture for our organization, presenting an extraordinary opportunity to unite our community like never before. Our goal is to take BTLT to the next level of connecting our community with nature and with each other and we can do that only with your support — Join Us!

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