FOXCS needs your help opening up more cross-country skiing trails to the public; please consider donating to the group to make this goal a reality!

As the summer of 2019 drew to a close, a group of Nordic ski coaches and cross-country skiing enthusiasts gathered to discuss how they might improve the skiing opportunities in the Brunswick-Topsham area.  It became clear that more timely and more frequent trail grooming and tracking was a high priority for all the members and thus formed what became known as the Friends of X-Country Skiing (FOXCS).

While the Town of Brunswick’s Parks and Recreation Department has a grooming sled and snowmobile they have limited staff who are faced with plowing parking lots and sidewalks that understandably must have a higher priority than trail grooming.

With the shared interest in promoting outdoor recreation throughout the year, the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust has adopted FOXCS as a Community Advisory Group to make the group’s goal of more extensive grooming of winter trails a reality.

FOXCS three primary functions are to raise funds, to provide a pool of volunteers for trail maintenance and consult with BTLT on decisions regarding grooming and trail development priorities. In addition, FOXCS will maintain a Facebook Page that will provide current snow and trail conditions of the local trail networks reported by skiers who actually ski the trails. Stay tuned for that update!

What’s New

  • In discussions with Tom Farrell the Director of Brunswick’s Parks and Recreation Department, we have learned that he intends to hire a seasonal employee whose primary responsibility will be trail grooming.  This should definitely improve the grooming schedule at the Town’s Furbish Preserve at Brunswick Landing. The Department also plans with help of BTLT and FOXCS volunteers to open about two miles of new trails in the eastern portion of the Preserve.
  • BTLT is planning to hire a groomer to groom some of the trails on its properties and this may be able to take some of the grooming burden off Parks and Recreation.  
  • FOXCS and BTLT have entered into negotiations with a major landholder in Brunswick whose property has been used by skiers for decades.  It is hoped that this property can be groomed using funds collected by FOXCS. If this arrangement succeeds several miles of excellent terrain will be added to the area’s trail network.