Welcome to the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust!

Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust (BTLT) is a nonprofit that conserves land valued by our communities for its ecological, habitat, scenic, and agricultural values.

We do this through property ownership, as well as through holding conservation easements (where the land stays in private ownership). BTLT acts as the permanent steward of these lands, ensuring their conservation values remain intact over time. We operate throughout the communities of Brunswick, Topsham, and Bowdoin and partner on diverse projects in and around the southern midcoast Maine region.

We focus on:

  • Natural habitat for wildlife, fish, and plants

  • watershed areas, such as those along rivers, streams, and bays

  • working landscapes, such as farmland, forest land, and waterfronts

  • Scenic landscapes, particularly those with meaning for our community

We work closely with an array of public and private organizations, towns, private businesses, and landowners to ensure that our communities accommodate both conserved lands and development in suitable areas.

Our passion is connecting people to land and we try to provide many different ways for people to engage with the natural world. Through our trails, Saturday Farmers’ Market, Tom Settlemire Community Garden, education programs, and other activities, we get people outdoors with their neighbors – human and wild – to forge lifelong relationships. We believe that when a community is deeply connected to its land and natural resource base, it will prosper on many levels.

Thank you to our Business Partners that give $2500+ annually!

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