Where’s Hiker Parking???

If you’re heading to Cathance River Nature Preserve for snowshoeing or skiing this winter, take note of some temporary changes to Preserve parking.

Hiker Parking is moving to accommodate ongoing development.  Access to the east (gravel) side of Evergreen Circle will likely be closed for a couple of months while heavy equipment is working in the area. The Heath Access Trail and Old Quarry Road are also being moved and should no longer be used to access trails.

Until further notice, please park at the Ecology Center Parking (located just past Junco Drive), paying attention to the painted parking spaces to maximize available parking. You can access both the Heath Trail and the Cathance River trails from this location.

Plans are underway to establish a new Hiker Parking as well as new access trails to the Heath and Cathance River trails. Please be respectful of Highland Green residents and ongoing construction while you enjoy the Preserve in winter!

CR in snow 2016

Photo by Ben Williamson