Wellness Map

The Map

Map Use Guidelines

To see a full-screen version of this map, click the icon in the top right corner.

  1. Drag and zoom in on map to see different activity locations.
  2. Click on icons to open information tab. A link to the host organization will be listed when available providing things like trails maps, reservation instructions, and directions.
  3. Zoom in closely to see trail systems included by Google Maps.
  4. Make sure to check any property guidelines before use.

Spreadsheet View

Spreadsheet Use Guidelines

The information found in these spreadsheets is broken down by town, organizations within a town and different activities. “X” indicates a recreational activity is available. Most of the “X”‘s have links attached to them, meaning that you can click on them and it will bring you to another website where you can find more information about the activity.

For example, if you want to go kayaking you can look under the kayaking column and see that there are companies in Harpswell and Brunswick that offer rentals and tours. When you click the “X” on the spreadsheet, you are taken to their websites for more information. If you can’t click the x that indicates that that organization doesn’t have a website.

Other Resources

According to the CDC, children should spend an hour or more a day being physically active, with three days including strength training. Adults should spend 2.5hrs a week doing something that elevates their heart rate, with two days incorporating strength training across their whole body.

Are we missing anything?