Welcome Sam Thomason!

Join is in welcoming BTLT’s new Stewardship Coordinator: Sam Thomason.

Sam is originally from Middle Tennessee, and grew up with a love of the outdoors, backpacking and canoeing with his family and friends.

Before going to college, he was introduced to the world of land management while working for a conservation corps in southern Utah. This sparked his interest in pursuing a degree and career focused on conservation and public recreation. 

At college, Sam tried to spend equal amounts of time in the classroom and outside exploring the beautiful landscape of Northern Arizona. While biking, climbing, and trail running his way around Flagstaff, he fell in love with the area and got a job working for the Forest Service for the local ranger district. In 2022, Sam and his partner decided to say goodbye to Arizona and moved to beautiful Maine to work seasonally along the coast. After recognizing how unique Maine is, he and his partner decided to relocate here for the foreseeable future.

When not at work, Sam can be found exploring the coast and mountain biking the rootiest-rockiest trails Maine has to offer.