The efforts of the Common Good Garden Volunteers are still going strong!

On July 14th the first delivery of CGG produce was made to the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program (6.6 lbs of onions and zucchini).  As modest as that first offering was, we have seen the size and volume of these deliveries grow over the past two weeks.  As of yesterday, August 6th, the CGG has delivered 205 lbs of fresh produce including:
  • 86 lbs of zucchini
  • 42 lbs of baby carrots
  • 33 lbs of tomatoes
  • 31 lbs of onions
Considering that we are very early into the harvest phase of our efforts, the 226 lbs of produce delivered represents a really good start toward fulfilling our 2020 mission!  Thank you all for the hard work and commitment you each have given since those cool days of late April.  We are on our way to realizing a great season.
Here are some of the highlights of work accomplished over the past two plus weeks.
  1. 150 broccoli seedlings have been planted in the back garden in anticipation of generating a robust fall crop
  2. Most of the back garden has been mulched which is helping to reduce the amount of weekly weeding
  3. The carrots have been thinned resulting in an early season delivery of a large bunch of baby carrots to MCHPP
  4. Major weed control efforts have been undertaken in the back garden which have opened up the space now occupied by the broccoli
  5. “Team Sucker” (Judith and Ron), continue to lead the way in helping to wrangle and maintain the 13 varieties of heirloom tomato plants growing in the back garden.  Yesterday I delivered a 2+ lbs tomato to MCHPP.
  6. The garlic has been harvested and delivered to MCHPP
  7. The pollinator garden is coming along nicely with the addition of a number of donated annuals.  There will be much more to come on this front over the next couple of weeks.
  8. The shed now has a new coat of red paint (thank you Fiona and Lydia for your efforts on this front)
  9.  A major effort was completed to weed around the squash beds and maintain the crushed stone paths within the “compass” perennial beds
  10. The hoops are out of the squash beds and now tucked on to their new winter storage racks on the south external wall of the shed
  11. The shed has been cleaned out and reorganized
A special thank you to Jen for her exceptional extra effort in helping to water the back garden and pollinator garden every Sunday for the past month.  This is a very heavy lift (no pun intended) that really makes a difference, that certainly has been noticed!
Thank you to our Common Good Garden Volunteers. You each can take a lot of pride in what our joint community effort has achieved.