The Thursday TSCG Volunteer Work Team went both “low” and “high” today.  First, a very special thanks to Hope, Jen, Kate, and Lily for taking on the back straining and claustrophobic task of “tunnel diving” on 20 of the 21 butternut squash rows (Judith had already taken on one row last week).  The work in this snow white world involves checking water lines, transplanting squash seedlings to fill vacant spots, and watering transplants.  All in all, the squash looks pretty good at this time and the “tunnel divers” did a great job making sure that we recoverEd those spots where squash seedlings had failed to thrive.

Meanwhile, Averil and Chris were “stringing” the second set of tomatoes to follow up on the terrific work completed by the Wednesday Volunteer Work Group to get the red “mulch” in place under these new plants (thank you Ron, Lydia, Fiona, Charlie, Marcia, Kate and Lily for wrangling the mulch into place despite the best effort of the afternoon wind to blow your work away).  The Thursday  Volunteer Work Team finished up the task of getting all of the support strings up and tied off throughout  the two tomato beds.  We now have 132 tomato plants to love and nurture in the weeks ahead which will give us all more practice than we may really want at suckering, pruning, and training vines up the strings.  As with most things in life, no good deeds will go unpunished…….

I have mentioned on a couple of occasions recently that we are about to enter the “maintenance” phase of the Common Good Garden effort, and this is in fact true.  But, it appears that there may be some more seedlings on the horizon that will need a home and the talented attention that you each bring to the CGG mission every work session.
Thank you to our fantastic TSCG volunteers who bring so much energy to the garden at each and every work session.