TICK TALK FOR TEENS: How to Safely Enjoy the Outdoors and Avoid Ticks


Join Teens to Trails for a presentation followed by questions and answers about ticks and the diseases they may carry, with two people from the Maine Medical Center Research Institute in Scarborough, ME. Chuck Lubelczyk and Molly Meagher will combine facts & humor to share how to avoid being bitten by ticks while on the trails and what to look for in ‘tick country.’ Chuck and Molly will also talk about keeping pets safe, both around your home and while out in the woods. With funny examples of what not to do, we will cover what to wear to avoid tick bites, the proper precautions to take before heading out, and what to do if you find a tick on yourself or your pet. Preferred registration for teenagers and outing club members, but all outdoor enthusiasts are welcome!
Brought to you by Teens to Trails, we believe Life Happens Outside!

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