The Buzz about TSCG’s Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Have you ever stopped in a garden to watch the fluttering dance of a butterfly? Or paused to listen to the hypnotizing buzz of bees skipping from flower to flower? At the Tom Settlemire Community Garden (TSCG) we recognize the critical role that butterflies, bees, and all other pollinators play in our ecosystem. We are thrilled to share that TSCG has now been certified by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension as a “Pollinator-Friendly Garden”! 

This certification is the result of the hard work and dedication of numerous volunteers who are committed to ensuring TSCG has a welcoming habitat for pollinators. With this certification, we are guaranteeing that TSCG will continue to provide food, water, and shelter for pollinators, and safeguard pollinator habitat. As explained by the UMaine Cooperative Extension service: “Certifying your property or garden as “Pollinator-Friendly” will help support a healthy ecosystem for our community and our future and will help to spread the word about the importance of pollinators.” TSCG has a designated ‘Pollinator Garden’ as well as numerous native plants and perennial garden beds. In recent years, as more folks in the Garden have learned about the importance of pollinators, more and more pollinator-friendly flowers have popped up throughout the garden.  

TSCG member Barbara Murphy (right) leads a workshop on native pollinators at TSCG

Barbara Murphy, a member of TSCG, took the lead on applying for this certification recognizing the importance of raising awareness about pollinators within TSCG and within our larger community. Barbara is one of many volunteers who have been working to plant more native plants and pollinator friendly flowers at TSCG recognizing the beneficial role pollinators play in the garden ecosystem. She shares:  

“Having a variety of native plants that provide food and shelter for pollinators will support a healthy ecosystem in the garden. The pollinator friendly plants will attract beneficial insects who help keep the pests in balance. Vegetables growing in the garden need pollinators for fertilization of the flowers to insure a bountiful harvest. The numbers of national and local pollinators are in decline. Tom Settlemire Community Garden is a safe haven for these endangered insects. The beauty of these native plants, buzzing with bees, wasps and other pollinators is inspiring”  

Butterflies, bees, and all other pollinators play a critical role in our ecosystem, and we all have the chance to make more pollinator-friendly habitats in our own gardens. If you would like to learn more about how to make your own garden more pollinator friendly, check out the UMaine Cooperative Extension and the Wild Seed Project. Did you miss our Winter Garden Workshop on native plants and native pollinators? You can find a recording of the event on the BTLT website. 

We are so grateful for the commitment of TSCG members and volunteers in ensuring a pollinator friendly garden. Want to get involved? Volunteer at the Community Garden and stay up to date with our Garden Newsletter. Want to support our work at TSCG? Make a donation or become a BTLT member today! 

Signage explaining the importance of pollinator-friendly plants like calendula at TSCG