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Spring Time at Crystal Spring Farm

by Emily Swan – BTLT Board President

Every spring I look forward to walking the trails at Crystal Spring Farm South to see the wildflowers. This Memorial Day weekend I was lucky to catch the tail-end of trillium season overlapping with the peak of lady’s slippers in all their glory. I can always count on seeing star flowers, bunch berries, Canada mayflower, and Clintonia Borealis (also known as bluebead lily). The flowers provide a feast for the eyes, while the birds provide the soundtrack – black-throated green warblers, hermit thrushes, red-eyed vireos, black-and-white warblers, ovenbirds, and more! While it’s tough catching a glimpse of these birds in the woods, in the farm fields, easily viewed from the BTLT Farmers’ Market parking area, you’ll have no trouble at all both hearing AND seeing bluebirds, song sparrows, and bobolinks, among others. If you’ve never seen a bobolink, now is the time to catch of glimpse of these incomparable birds.

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BTLT in the News, “Spring inspiration at Midcoast land trusts from Brunswick to Lincoln County”

Spring inspiration at Midcoast land trusts from Brunswick to Lincoln County

April 26, 2018

Local land trusts, including the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, are featured in the Coastal Journal for some exciting spring happenings. Read on to see how you can get involved this season!

There is no shortage of areas to explore along the Midcoast this spring, but local land trusts offer more than just trails. Each organization has its own focus and schedule of events coming up. Some are out on the trails while others are workshops focused on preparations for spring, like how to start your garden.

You may know the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust from its role in the outdoor farmers market at Crystal Springs Farm in the summer and on the town green in the spring and fall. I am eagerly waiting for the first spring market day on May 5.

Following on the gardening theme, BTLT also puts on the impressive Taking Root Plant Sale on May 26, where you can simultaneously provision your garden with lovely native plants and support the land trust’s efforts.

And, if you don’t have your own garden to tend, but love digging in the dirt, one of the many volunteer opportunities possible with BTLT is to help at the Tom Settlemire Community Garden. The garden is used for educational programs and also provides produce for local food banks, in addition to having private plots for those interested in having their own patch. You can find out more at

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