New Mainer Garden gets a New Shed!

Rarely has BTLT seen such an outpouring of support for a new program as for the New Mainers Garden. This spring, that dramatic community support continued when Brunswick Coastal Rotary and Topsham Expresso Rotary (and friends) came together to build a much-needed garden shed for the project.

“Everything needed for the New Mainer’s garden has been stored in the back entryway to our office, and it wasn’t good for the equipment, nor was it very convenient for entering the building,” said BTLT Associate Director, Lee Cataldo. “This shed is going to make the whole project more sustainable for everyone!”

This shed will be a place to keep the tools, hoses, and other supplies for this small community garden, created for and managed by Brunswick Landing’s New Mainer community.

Over the winter, Lucy Lloyd of Brunswick Coastal Rotary reached out to BTLT to see if perhaps there was another project they might collaborate on – after the Rotarians designed and built a pergola and swing for the Tom Settlemire Community Garden in 2021. It all came together perfectly – the Rotarians were hoping to find a way to support the New Mainers, and BTLT really needed help constructing a shed. The material costs were covered by remaining funds from the 2021 crowdsource effort.

The Rotarians, BTLT, and the New Mainers look forward to celebrating the new shed and the Garden with a small potluck in June.

A huge thank you to all the Rotarians and many donors who made this project possible!