Growing Literacy: Winter Garden Workshops 2023 Line-Up!

Winter Garden Workshop Recordings

Every winter, BTLT offers a series of workshops to engage with the community, support the Tom Settlemire Community Garden, and offer skill-building exercises for gardeners of all abilities. These workshops are a wonderful opportunity to learn from master gardeners and experts on a variety of gardening subjects. BTLT is proud to partner with Curtis Memorial Library for this event series. Please enjoy the recorded sessions of these wonderful workshops!

Click here for: Spring has Spawned: Getting Your Garden Ready for Mushroom Cultivation with Northspore

Every gardener in America should be growing mushrooms! If upgrading your garden this year sounds fun, join Louis Giller for an informative presentation on how to integrate mushrooms into your garden.

Click here for: How to Care for Fruit Trees with ReTreeUs

Join Richard Hodges of ReTreeUs for a workshop on how to integrate fruit trees into your garden. You will learn about different fruit trees, their needs and how to prune them.

Click here for: Growing and Fermenting Foods with Scratch Farm

Join Andy McLeod of Scratch Farm to learn about making your own fermented sauerkrauts, pickles and hot sauce. Andy will touch on what crops he grows to ferment, tips for success in growing those crops, the process of fermentation and the kitchen tools he has come to love.

Click here for: Soil Secrets with the Living Soil Network

Join Spiro Latchis of the Living Soil Network for a workshop on the many beneficial aspects of soil health. The workshop will cover the fungi and nematodes in soil, soil care, building quality soil and the important connections between soil and climate.