The Beaches Conference with Maine Sea Grant and University of Maine Cooperative Extension

On June 13 and 14th, Maine Sea Grant and University of Maine Cooperative Extension are presenting the Beaches Conference in Kittery.

The Beaches Conference works to provide continuing opportunities for exchange of the most current information among beach and coastal stakeholders with diverse interests in order to facilitate informed decision-making. All are invited to join them in celebrating beach monitoring and stewardship, building strong partnerships, and taking informed action on coastal issues.

>> 2019 Beaches Conference Program

Conference Themes

  • What makes for a healthy beach system?
  • Implementing coastal projects to support people and environment
  • What’s in the water? (i.e. bacteria, toxic contaminants, stormwater, etc.)
  • Coastal regulation for municipalities
  • Impacts of marine plastics and litter
  • Harvesting from the sea: interactions with other uses
  • What’s happening with marine animals?
  • Planning for climate uncertainty using the best science
  • Public participation in coastal science
  • Coastal access for multiple uses
  • The culture, history, and economics of our beaches
  • Flooding, Erosion, and Storms: preparing and responding

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