Upcoming Public Meeting on Mare Brook

Whether you call it Mare, Mair, or Mere, your feedback is welcome on this urban impaired stream! As follow-up to a brook assessment grant completed in 2016, Brunswick was given a Maine DEP grant in 2019 to plan for the brook’s improvement – the upgrade in water quality and management is much needed, as BTLT Board Director Sandy Stott says, “It is [Brunswick’s] aquatic bloodstream; it is the brook that runs through us.” As the planning grant is coming to a close, there will be public meetings for anyone interested to hear the proposed plan for the Brook and provide input or ask questions. At this point in time, all meeting will be hosted over zoom. Links will be posted on the Brunswick calendar here.
Upcoming public meetings:
  • Sept. 23, 7 pm to 8:30 pm Televised meeting in Council Chambers: 1st Public meeting presentation of Mare Brook Watershed Management Plan Project, stream stressor analysis, and draft action items
    • Sept. 30: Public Comments requested for Stressor Analysis and Draft Action Items
  • Oct. 14: 5 pm to 6:30 pm Televised meeting in Council Chambers: 2nd Public meeting presentation of Draft Watershed Management Plan with Action Items Cost Estimates
    • Oct. 27: All (Public / Town Council) Comments due on draft Watershed Management Plan (WMP)
    • Nov. 10: Draft WMP sent to DEP
  • Dec. 6 or week of: Evening Meeting: 3rd and Final Public Meeting Presentation of Completed Plan

Curious to read more? Check out Stott’s latest writings on Mare Brook in the Press Herald and Times Record:

Mare Brook emerges from 3 culverts after its 2/3rds-mile passage beneath the Landing runways