Supporting BTLT Through Clynk To Give

By BTLT summer intern, Hannah Leitzell

As a full-time college student, it’s not often feasible for me to give financial support to organizations like BTLT, despite how much I may want to. Between tuition, rent, books, and groceries on a part-time job wage, there’s not a ton of room for donation. What I do seem to have capacity for, however, is filling Clynk bags with returnables. In fact, over the course of the last few months, I have developed a modest collection of bottles and cans in my garage that I have been reluctant to deal with for one reason or another. By modest, I mean a giant pile of returnables that I have dubbed “Mt. Bottles and Cans”. When I found out that BTLT has a Clynk To Give account, it was just the lightbulb I needed to support a cause I love and attack the aforementioned Mt. Bottles and Cans – and the best part is you can do this, too! 

There are two ways to support BTLT using the Clynk To Give program. The first you may be familiar with – using a BTLT Clynk bag to collect your returnables. You can swing by the BTLT office at 179 Neptune Drive or visit the BTLT booth at the Saturday Farmers’ Market at Crystal Spring Farm to get a Clynk bag with a BTLT account sticker. Once you’ve filled it up you can take it to a Clynk drop-off area at a local Hannaford. Click here for all Clynk drop-off sites in Maine. There you can scan the bag tag, open the chute, and drop off the bag. BTLT will receive the proceeds of your returnables and your garage will be free of Mt. Bottles and Cans.   

If you don’t have time or inclination to get a pre-stickered BTLT Clynk bag, have no fear – you can also donate to BTLT via the Clynk To Give option. Clynk To Give allows community members to donate some or all of their Clynk account balance to important causes like BTLT. 

The first step in donating from your Clynk account balance is to create a Clynk account. If you have an account number already but haven’t yet visited the Clynk site, you can do so with your account number and your pin. If you don’t yet have a Clynk account, you can create one here.

Once you have your Clynk online access squared away, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Log in to Clynk account in the top right corner of the website. 
  2. Click the donate button on the lefthand side of the screen. 
  3. Select Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, either by scrolling to it or by typing it into the search bar. 
  4. Select the amount you wish to give. 
  5. Click ‘Confirm’ and you’re done! 

You can also visit the Clynk kiosk at your local Hannaford, access your account, select ‘Donate,’ and give some or all of your balance to BTLT – no fuss, no muss! 

See how easy it is to financially support your favorite local non-profit by barely lifting a finger? I have found this method of giving to be really accessible and a great way to donate without breaking my own bank. If you too have a Mt. Bottles and Cans in your garage, shed, or basement, stop in to the BTLT office to grab a free Clynk bag or give via your Clynk account. Thank you!