My name is Connor Rockett, I’m going to be a senior at Bowdoin, and I’ll be working as a stewardship intern for BTLT this summer. As a member of my school’s cross-country and track teams, I have spent the the last three years running on and getting to know the trails maintained by BTLT. 

I look forward to doing my part to preserve these spaces, which provide users the chance to connect with nature and to lead healthy, active lives. In this sense, I see stewardship work as a way to link together our personal wellbeing and the health of our environment.

My interest is in community environmentalism and the ways in which societies big and small can come together to protect the environment and to foster healthy, sustainable ways of living. I feel lucky to be in Brunswick and Topsham where there is an inspiring land ethic, which I see supported by groups like BTLT, the numerous local and organic farms, spiritual communities, and volunteers who are motivated to take care of their natural surroundings.

 I’m excited to learn from these environmentally-conscious communities this summer and to contribute my own passion to the local activities aimed at caring for the land. I know that my experience this summer will open up future pathways to continue working for systemic, meaningful environmental protection.

Outside of my internship, I’ll be enjoying Maine’s natural beauty while training for cross country, spending time with friends on campus, and getting into some great reading! Next up on my reading list is A River Runs Through It by Norman MacLean.