Thanks to the scouting of the Tuesday volunteer work team,  the decision was made that it was time to remove the reemay across the CGG and let the butternut squash show the world what it had to offer. And WOW what a great sight!  All that hard preparation, planting, and nurturing that started back in April and to which each of you have contributed your time and diligent care came spilling out in a beautiful green wave of luscious potential as the covers came off.
The Wednesday volunteer work group split up into three teams to accomplish the task of getting the reemay off the hoops, folded and catalogued by size for storage. It was a race against the impending thunderstorm and we completed the task along with getting some row weeding in just as the rain began to fall and the rumble of the storm moved in close. It was a work day when the proof of good work by a committed group of volunteers accomplished over many week came in to full relief.