For more than 30 years, the members of Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust (BTLT) have worked to conserve the land cherished by our communities and protect the places that make our landscape extraordinary.

Our connection to the land is inherent; it sustains, enriches and inspires us. Land is where we build our homes, grow our food, raise our families and place our roots. Midcoast Maine is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world, where rare plants, wild animals, engaged citizens and productive farmland, forestland, clam flats, rivers, streams and bays all thrive together and nourish our local economy and our souls.

Maintaining this synergy for today and future generations is the core mission of the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust. You can make a lasting and powerful impact on the conservation of the character of our extraordinary home by creating a legacy with the Land Trust.

Your planned gift will help the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust:

  • Steward and manage conservation properties in perpetuity,
  • Promote a sense of place and a love of the land through education and outreach,
  • Build organizational stability and ensure long-term success in fulfilling the BTLT mission,
  • Develop long-term land protection strategies, and
  • Acquire land and conservation easements.

Members and friends who have remembered the Land Trust through their wills, trusts, or other planned gifts have had an extraordinary, lasting impact on our work:

  • Every gift makes a difference and is a deeply personal way of supporting the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust.  It signifies what is important to you and affirms the values you consider most essential, such as ensuring on-going conservation opportunities for future generations.
  • A future gift does not require wealth, only a passion for our work, foresight and action.
  • Planning a charitable gift that reflects your love of the Brunswick-Topsham area’s natural and scenic heritage is an amazing way to let your conservation legacy live on beyond your own lifetime.
  • Those members and friends who have remembered the Land Trust through their wills, trusts, or other planned gifts help to ensure the conservation of special places in our communities in perpetuity.
  • Whether your request supports the acquisition of new lands, the defense of conservation easements, trail building and maintenance or organizational capacity, your gift will help to ensure the future of Brunswick Topsham Land Trust.