Ovenbirds Underfoot!

Watch where you step this time of year!

Spring is certainly a time of new growth for many species. On a walk today at Crystal Spring Farm to evaluate the status of a couple species of rare grassland sedges that grow there, a nest was found. Can you find it in this photo?

Ovenbird nest from afar

baby ovenbirds_croppedbaby ovenbirdsTake a look at these close ups. It is a little easier to pick out the tiny nestlings in their amazingly camouflaged nest.


The bird has a fitting name – Ovenbird – because of its outdoor oven-like nesting strategy. Ovenbirds are a species of warbler who nest and spend much of their time on the forest floor. They have a loud song that many describe as sounding like “teacher-teacher-teacher”.

The distinctive rising trill of another warbler species, the prairie warbler, was also heard today and a male indigo bunting gave us some good looks and songs. Lots of great bird action today in the blueberry fields at Crystal Spring Farm.

Let us know what you’re seeing on BTLT properties and in your backyard!