May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Every year is a big year for tickborne diseases – this year is no exception.
Maine CDC invites you to help spread the word about preventing tick bites. We want people to explore and enjoy Maine safely. Please share the message widely!
You can help people in Maine stay tick free: 
  • Be social. Do you have social media? Share a tick bite prevention post! for pre-made images and content. Don’t let Lyme Disease Awareness Month pass you by without being part of the conversation!
  • Share a newsletter. Does your organization have a newsletter? Share tick bite prevention information! Visit for messages you can download and use in your newsletter.
  • Play a PSA. Share one of Maine CDC’s short educational videos, available here. Or share one of US CDC’s PSAs.
  • Put up a poster. Visit to order free educational materials for tickborne disease prevention.
Thank you for helping people in Maine stay tick free!