Our Market Ambassadors play a key role in connecting the Land Trust with the community. Our Saturday Farmers’ Market is one of our best opportunities to let people know about all the valuable work we do (including the Market!) and to encourage them to join the Land Trust.

Your main task is to build connections. Talk to people about something you have in common, or what they like to do that the Land Trust provides (trails, events, Market, Garden, education, etc).

Whenever you can, ask folks if they are members and encourage membership. Each week we have the goal of at least 5 memberships.

Remember, membership is really and truly what keeps our organization going. Even if you don’t “sell” a membership today, a nice conversation with you may just be the positive experience that pushes them to join, renew, or give a bit more when they get a letter from us.

Thank you!

About the Land Trust

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Land Trust Statistics:

Conserved Lands 

  • 26 fee properties with 1,135 acres. This includes the 321-acre Crystal Spring Farm. All fee properties are open to the public, however not all have public access trails on them (see our website to learn more about our trails) 
  • 34 easements with 1,926.25 acres. 11 of these easement properties are open to the public. 
  • The BTLT Lands Committee typically has several new conservation projects in the works each year and usually completes one to three new projects each year.  


  • 1,000 individual/family members (community members who are BTLT members) 
  • 37 Business Partners (businesses in the area that support BTLT’s work) 


  • 20 volunteer Board members 


BTLT is staffed by the following positions, most are part-time: 

  • Executive Director  
  • Associate Director 
  • Director of Stewardship
  • Stewardship Assistant
  • Seasonal Land Steward
  • Membership & Development Manager
  • Development and Administrative Assistant
  • Programs Manager
  • Agricultural Programs Coordinator
  • Communications Assistant 


  • 300 volunteers help to accomplish the work of the Land Trust each year. This includes helping with stewardship and trails, farmers’ market, community garden, community events, office administrative work, as well as serving on the Board and committees of BTLT. 

Ambassador How-To

Sale of Memberships & Donations to BTLT: 

  • Each week we have the goal of 5 memberships at the Market 
  • For checks of cash, have the donor/member fill out the Market Transaction sheet and then you paperclip the cash or check to the transaction sheet. 
  • For credit card sales and donations you can use the PaypalHere app on the tablet and run the card for the desired amount, OR you can use the tablet to open the membership and donation page of BTLT’s website and assist the market guest through the process (this is the same as if they were doing it on their home computer) www.btlt.org/membership.  In either instance please  have them fill out the Market Transaction sheet. 

Communications with the Office/Staff: 

  • There are business cards for Angela & Lee in the cash box for you to give to people with questions/requests you cannot address 
  • Note anything that the office needs to know, or check with market manager if you feel there is important information that needs to be known by BTLT staff.  You can also send an email after the market if that is easier.