Hiker Parking 219 Evergreen Circle

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After you have entered Highland Green, stay straight for 1.5 miles. You will pass the golf club on your left. Stay on Evergreen Circle, the winding main village road of Highland Green, for approximately 1 more mile.

When you see Junco Drive on the left, the parking area for the Ecology Center and hiking is just ahead, on the left. Please park at a slight angle with the nose of your car toward the woods. The Ecology Center is not visible from the parking area. Do not drive down Rensenbrink Way – there is no parking at the Ecology Center, and the road is not plowed in winter.

To reach the Ecology Center or access the rest of the trail network, head down the stone stairs to the right of the kiosk and stone bench. At the bottom of the steps, head right on the dirt road (Rensenbrink Way) to reach the Ecology Center (approximately 2-3 minute walk).

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