Land Trust Partnership with Bowdoin Student Highlighted

We were excited to see this project by Mikayla Kifer highlighted on the Bowdoin website. We worked closely with Mikayla in the fall of 2016 on her interactive GIS “story map” called Invasive Species Management for the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust

We love partnering with Bowdoin students in all of the diverse ways that we do. This project was particularly rewarding because this map is so useful to us and the community, and the connection we made with Mikayla is continuing to grow.

Thank you to Mikayla and Eileen Johnson, Program Manager of the Bowdoin Environmental Studies Program.

Overview of the Story Map:

“In order to understand the current data collection and invasive management capabilities of the BTLT and make recommendations for improvements to data collection methods, this study uses data on invasive species made available by the BTLT and iMap Invasives, a data collection and management system, and visualizes and analyzes it to determine its capabilities and weaknesses.

This study primarily addresses two questions: (1) What is the range and extent of invasive species on BTLT properties? (2) How should the BTLT move forward in collecting data on invasive species on their properties?”