Labyrinth in the Woods is about to become a reality!

While the sight of a bobcat entering the woods of Crystal Spring Farm (CSF) would typically be of interest to wildlife watchers, the motorized Bobcat that will soon enter the CSF woods might alarm some watchers of the land. Fear not! It’s a sign that our Labyrinth in the Woods is about to become a reality!

Site work is expected to begin on Friday, October 30 and continue for several weeks.

In collaboration with First Parish Church of Brunswick, we are building the newest community resource – a labyrinth in a natural setting that is open to all. It will be located a short distance off the Garden Trail, in between the Community Garden and the Main Loop. Nestled in the woods, the 7-circuit labyrinth will occupy a 50-foot diameter circle and be constructed of granite paving stones and natural mulch.

Proposed Labyrinth Location_AerialA labyrinth is not a maze.  Mazes have dead ends and are designed to confuse. Labyrinths offer a single path whose course winds back and forth within the bounds of a circle, ultimately leading to the center. Walking the path of a labyrinth is a longstanding practice of relaxation, prayer, or meditation in many cultures and religions.

Labyrinth at UNE that is similar to the one being built at CSF

Labyrinth at University of New England that is similar to the one being built at CSF

Linkel Construction /Cosmic Stone of Topsham is building our labyrinth. Several years ago, they did a spectacular job of installing Clay Brook bridge on the Cathance River Trail in Topsham, remarkably managing to place a 60-foot long bridge with almost no disturbance to the brook and surrounding forest.

In the coming weeks, visitors who access CSF trails from the Maurice Drive trailhead should use the Garden Trail with extra care, as equipment will be crossing the trail periodically. As always, dogs on the trail are expected to be leashed.

The Labyrinth in the Woods is being built in honor of Susan Fitzgerald, long-time Land Trust supporter and Children’s Education Director at First Parish Church. We are grateful for the partnership that brings this unique addition to our trail system and hope many will take advantage of this new community resource!