Enjoy the trails on BTLT’s properties? 

Want to support improving them to allow more folks to access and enjoy them as well?  

This Giving Tuesday, November 29th, please consider donating to BTLT to help us improve our trails and create a road map for how we can provide better access to our properties for members of our community!  

This year gifts received in support of Giving Tuesday will help to fund two projects: 

We would like to hire Enock Glidden to assess additional BTLT trails (specifically Head of Tide Park, Neptune Woods, and Tarbox Preserve) so that we can learn from Enock how we might improve access, signage, and infrastructure. Enock is a disabled athlete, adventurer, and advocate, who works to help all Mainers access the outdoors. He has been featured in Maine Magazine and on News Center Maine. Trail assessments help us prioritize trail improvements and provide specific language that allows us to provide better information on our kiosks and website about parking areas, trail conditions, and infrastructure, making it easier for folks to make informed decisions about whether our trails are accessible for them. 

We would also like to finance the building of at least five benches by clients of Independence Association for two BTLT properties. Independence Association (IA) is a Brunswick-based nonprofit that assists adults and children with disabilities in obtaining full and inclusive lives. IA clients presently monitor and keep trails clear of debris at Neptune Woods and Androscoggin Woods. This project would enable BTLT to expand our partnership with IA staff and clients by paying for the materials needed for IA clients to build benches on properties that they care for, in turn providing resting intervals roughly every quarter of a mile along the trails at Androscoggin Woods and a beautiful outlook on a section of trail that the Independence Association clients have truly made their own!  

Giving Tuesday Goal: $2,000