Happy World Water Day!

Water is one of the most important resources we have on earth, and the necessity to protect the quality of this resource is of equal importance. Watershed protection has a direct impact on the community its in as well as everything living downstream.

The Brunswick/Topsham area presents an excellent opportunity to have an impact on a variety of water ecosystems including small freshwater streams, tidal rivers, large estuaries, and the Atlantic Ocean. The conservation of lands throughout the watershed not only preserve the scenic beauty of the area but also create a rippling impact including habitat protection, buffer zones for future marsh migration, and improvement in water quality. One of the Land Trust’s guiding conservation principles is “protecting the rivers and bays in our service area, including buffering those resources as we anticipate marsh migration and sea level rise, providing water access where appropriate, and protecting fisheries.”

Looking to the future, the health of the surrounding ecosystem will have a direct impact on the communities that they are so entwined with. Efforts to protect these watersheds will establish a strong foundation and work to keep the surrounding landscape healthy and resilient for future generations to come.

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