#GivingTuesday is November 28, and we are happy to announce that all of the funds we raise will benefit educational programming at the Tom Settlemire Community Garden! Click to learn more.

“It’s fun like a maze – you don’t know what you’ll see next,” said my daughter Phoebe when remembering her class trip to the Community Garden. “Like the big water tank,” agreed my other daughter Liliana. Our recent experience with their first grade class from Coffin Elementary was wonderfully exploratory and local at the same time. The connection that the garden makes between nature and community is unique and impactful. Phoebe went on to say, “It is nice that people who don’t have a place to grow things can come there,” and Lili added, “They can grow their own food if they don’t have any.” For a couple of six-year olds, that’s a pretty big impact from a small place. We are grateful to have a public garden that serves both to educate and to provide for our community. ~From Susan Olcott, mother to Lili and Phoebe

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What we heard from the kids after the field trips:

“When flowers die, the seeds come out and new flowers can grow!”

“I didn’t know pumpkins grew in different sizes!”

“I never knew how big the pods were on milkweed. I’m glad I saw that.”

“We got to see and touch lots of plants.”

“The apple cider was delicious.”

“I tried tomatoes for the first time.”

“I loved the sunflower hut – so cool!”