Game Camera Captures
By Dakota Ward, Seasonal Land Steward

This past year, the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust received two game cameras as a donation from LL Bean. For the past few months we’ve been strapping them to tree trunks a couple of feet off the ground – near water or known animal trails. Mammals tend to follow the similar routes over time, and snow has made it easy to see the tracks.The cameras have motion sensors and infrared flashes, allowing them to take photos when they are triggered by movement – whether that be during the night or day.

So far we’ve captured several photos of a red fox, quite a few whitetailed deer (at least one of which has discovered the camera), and a few almost invisible small mammals. You might notice that the buck deer still has his antlers, which is slightly unusual – whitetailed deer bucks often lose their antlers by mid-January, but it can be as late as April.

As spring approaches, we’re hoping to catch (in photos) more of the animals that we share this area with as they wake up from winter.

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*Photos were captured February, 2021*