Fun in the Sun at the Tom Settlemire Community Garden

By Lily McVetty, Summer Intern

A group of students discovers some worm friends while working in the raised garden beds.

Hands dug around in the dirt, feet navigated through the Labyrinth in the Woods, and mouths smiled ear to ear under the sun. Rising seventh and eighth grade students from around the nation joined Tom Settlemire Community Garden plot holders, local volunteers, Regional Field Team members, and BTLT staff in completing an array of tasks at the Community Garden this past Tuesday. Students volunteer annually at the Community Garden though a teen adventure camp, Apogee Adventures.

Alex Perry from the Regional Field Team wheels a full barrow of weeds through the Community Garden (Lisa Martin, 2019).

This summer, students on the New England Mountains & Coast trip brought their hiking, kayaking, and biking stories to the Community Garden. When asked, “What has been your favorite trip activity so far?” some students claimed hiking in Acadia was the best, while others argued that sea kayaking in the MidCoast area was their favorite. Regardless of which outdoor activity was the most popular, it was entertaining to listen to their shared experiences. Occasionally, plot holders, local volunteers, Regional Field Team members, and I would contribute related, personal anecdotes. There was something special about having a wide range of ages and experiences working collectively. The diversity in backgrounds and positionalities planted the seed for the happy hum of conversation and work to grow throughout the Community Garden.

A special Thank You to Tom Settlemire Community Garden Coordinator, Lisa Martin for organizing and helping out with this event.