What’s on Your Dinner Plate? – Climate Action Session 3

  • January 20, 2022
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

What role do food production and food waste play in climate change?

Maine’s producers are creating systems to make local agriculture more climate-positive, while Food Rescue Maine, gleaning programs, and others work to end wasted food in Maine.


Nick Whatley, President of Morningstar Stone and Tile, spends most of his time these days pursuing his passion for sustainability and agriculture at Whatley Farm – an organic, no-till, organic family farm located near the Cathance River’s Head of Tide in Topsham, Maine. They grow organic vegetables, seed garlic, herbs, fruits, pork, and duck eggs. Whatley Farm sells its produce year-round at farmers’ markets in Brunswick, as well as at stores and restaurants in the Brunswick area, and at its farm stand.

Michael Dennett in the Farmer at Crescent Run Farm in Jefferson, ME. Michael does all kinds of heavy lifting around the farm. He cuts firewood, moves animals on pasture, builds shelters, and dreams big. You’ll find him enjoying the company of his animals at the end of the day.


Susanne Lee is an entrepreneurial senior executive who has created, launched and operated successful consumer products brands and businesses. She specializes in strategic solutions, brand marketing, consumer insights, business development, product design and manufacturing, and effective team-building. As the Executive-in-Residence at the Maine Business School, Susanne utilized her business management and marketing background to bring a “real-world” component to student courses and experiential learning opportunities. She helped build bridges between UMaine students and leading Maine-based businesses. She leads the Mitchell Center project, Food Waste Management: Empowering Maine Businesses Toward Sustainability, identifying sustainable food waste solutions for Maine businesses.

Julia Nelson is currently the Merrymeeting Gleaners Program Coordinator at the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program. Her academic background in environmental policy and anthropology led her to a path of food systems work. Nelson is passionate about local food systems, food security, and sustainable agriculture.


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Taking Action on Climate – You can make a difference!

CREA and BTLT are co-sponsoring a six-part weekly series on climate in January and February. The goal of this series is to inspire people to:

  • Take action to slow and hopefully reverse climate change;
  • Actively support efforts to address climate change at all levels (public, private, local, state, federal);
  • Talk to friends, family, and others about climate solutions.

Please join us for all or some of this virtual series and learn how YOU can make a difference on this urgent issue. Start the new year off with resolve and action!

We welcome Tim Glidden as our Moderator for the entire series!

All events are free and will be hosted via zoom.

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