Eco-Dilemmas: Are Solar Farms Good for Maine?

  • October 25, 2022
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Crystal Spring Farm is home to a small community solar installation

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Join Cathance River Education Alliance and Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust for a joint virtual presentation on solar energy.

Did you know that solar has grown from 21 megawatts to 325 megawatts in Maine in just the last 7 years? We see solar installations, large and small, popping up everywhere. Solar is starkly different from traditional forms of energy: widely available in many locations rather than concentrated in a few; renewable rather than finite in supply; and intermittently generating rather than continuously. These characteristics suggest a re-thinking of the design and operation of the grid and other aspects of our energy infrastructure.

Solar can also affect land use. Concerns have been raised about placing solar farms on agricultural land and in newly-cleared forestland. Should solar be promoted everywhere because of the vast need for renewable energy? Or should solar siting be restricted to reduce land use conflicts or maximize return on investment for existing distribution and transmission infrastructure?

Our energy future is complicated. While we can’t provide all the answers, we’d like to dig into the costs and benefits of this evolving technology. How solar is scaled up will have a profound impact on the economy and environment for this generation and many to follow.  How does one make informed choices as a consumer? As a voter? Through a panel discussion, we’ll get some facts on the table about how solar is different, and hear from different perspectives about where it should go and how it should be distributed, now and into the future.

Fred Horch, co-founder of Spark Applied Efficiency will moderate discussion by panelists from ReVision EnergyCMP, and Stantec.

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