Climate Inaction and Disinformation – Climate Action Session 1

  • January 6, 2022
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Why, despite all the evidence, is more action to reduce emissions not being taken?

Yes, it is important to evaluate your personal carbon footprint, but you should also understand who is trying to deflect attention by shifting the blame to you!


Daniel Stone is an Associate Professor of Economics at Bowdoin College. His courses at Bowdoin include behavioral economics, information and uncertainty, and game theory. His research explores belief formation, political media, polarization, and inter-personal hostility (a.k.a. affective polarization).

Peter Dugas is a musician and educator who currently serves as volunteer co-chair of the Portland chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. A Portland native, Peter earned a BS in physics and engineering from Brown University and is a veteran advocate for effective and equitable climate action. He is an EN-ROADS Climate Ambassador and serves as the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Portland Co-Chair, Grasstops leader, and liaison to Senator Angus King.

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Taking Action on Climate – You can make a difference!

CREA and BTLT are co-sponsoring a six-part weekly series on climate in January and February. The goal of this series is to inspire people to:

  • Take action to slow and hopefully reverse climate change;
  • Actively support efforts to address climate change at all levels (public, private, local, state, federal);
  • Talk to friends, family, and others about climate solutions.


Please join us for all or some of this virtual series and learn how YOU can make a difference on this urgent issue. Start the new year off with resolve and action!

We welcome Tim Glidden as our Moderator for the entire series!

All events are free and will be hosted via zoom.

2022 Taking Action on Climate Virtual Sessions:

Session 1: Climate Inaction and Disinformation | January 6, 2022

Session 2: Maine Won’t Wait | January 13, 2022

Session 3: What’s On Your Dinner Plate? | January 20, 2022

Session 4: Do Something! | January 27, 2022

Session 5: Subtraction is Action! | February 3, 2022

Session 6: Building Resilience in Challenging Times | February 17, 2022