Bringing it Home: Investing in Food, People & Place

  • March 20, 2015
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bringing it Home: Investing in Food People & Place

Neighbors investing in neighbors is what it is all about.

Slow Money Maine works to bring community together to invest in a thriving local food system. The Local Farms-Local Food Council (LFLFC) and Vital Connections Network bring Bonnie Rukin to speak about this work at the Curtis Memorial Library on Friday, March 20 at 3:00 pm.

Bonnie will describe the ways the Slow Money Maine network promotes awareness and collaborations related to place-based investing to build thriving local food systems. After her presentation, we will hear a local example of how community investment is making a big difference in the local food system, and then hear the audience’s thoughts of this type of development.

Slow Money Maine regularly convenes dynamic gatherings, connects people to each other’s needs and resources, and helps to catalyze the flow of funds to support farms, fisheries and other food businesses throughout the state. Since 2010 they have helped to move more than $9 million to Maine’s food economy, through patient loans, grants and equity investments from individuals and foundations.

The network often focuses on infrastructure businesses to meet food processing and distribution needs, but they give attention to businesses of any size, in any region of the state. They encourage active personal engagement through investments of time, energy and money into food system enterprises and offer many entry points for those interested in learning about mutually satisfying opportunities.

Following Rukin’s description of Slow Money’s work and the need for local investment, David Whittlesey will provide a local example of this valuable work. His group, the Bowdoinham Community Development Initiative has been working in that community to provide investment for small farm projects. Whittlesey will then lead the group in a discussion of the needs and issues surrounding local investment in the food system.

The Local Farms – Local Food Council (LFLFC) is partnering with the Vital Connection Network to bring Rukin to Brunswick. LFLFC is a collaboration of local groups, farmers, and community members working to better understand the local food system with the goal of reducing redundancy and filling gaps in our region’s vibrant local food and farm scene. The ultimate goal is a food system that promotes environmental and economic health, and provides affordable, healthy food for everyone in our community.

Vital Connections fosters knowledge and awareness of what it takes for our community and the region as a whole, to reach relative self-sufficiency in basic areas. The Forum urges and expects action to follow from the sharing of knowledge and awareness.

Perhaps you are a farmer with a new project needing support…… or someone who’s ready to more clearly align your money & values by moving some of your recent inheritance “from Wall St. to Main St.”.….or a retiree with skills in sales, management or finance who would like to mentor a new food business entrepreneur….. or a community member wanting to form or join an investment club to pool funds for modest loans to local food businesses. To explore these and other possibilities, please join our conversation on March 20, at 3:00pm at the Curtis Memorial Library (Free).


23 Pleasant St, Brunswick, Maine, 04011, United States