Educational Resources

BTLT and the Cathance River Education Alliance (CREA) have collaborated to create ‘Wild Wonders’ activities for children and youth in our communities, available for download on the BTLT and CREA websites. Each activity requires just a few simple materials that can be easily found at home and in nature, are appropriate for all ages, and will help your child get outside and engage with the natural world. Whether your kids are going to school full-time, part-time, or schooling at home, these kits are a great resource. You can use the activity descriptions below to create kits of your own.

Click on the Wild Wonder descriptions below and start connecting with nature today!

Wild Wonders: Tracks and Traces – Learn to decipher the clues animals leave, telling us they’ve passed by. And make your own animal tracks!

Wild Wonders: Celebrating the Winter Solstice – Create an ice lantern to welcome the light and make frozen bubbles!

Wild Wonders: Winter Growing – Paperwhite Planting – See what you can grow … even in winter!

Wild Wonders: Adapting to Winter – Play Animal Adaptation Olympics and learn how and why squirrels hide all those nuts!

Wild Wonders: Native American Heritage Month – Learn about the Wabanaki people and make your own birch bark map.

Wild Wonders: Native American Heritage Month – Create your own dream catcher.

Wild Wonders: Amazing Birds – Create your own binoculars, construct your own and dissect a birds nest.

Wild Wonders: Seed Science – Make a seed collection bracelet and dissect seeds to discover what is inside.

Wild Wonders: Gourd Guts – Decomposition – Watch how a gourd rots and search for decomposers.

Wild Wonders: Feeding Our Feathered Friends – Make bird snack garland and a biodegradable orange bird feeder.

Wild Wonders: Autumn Leaves – Collect fall leaves to make a leaf person and leaf rubbings; go on a botany scavenger hunt.

Wild Wonders: Exploring the Seasons – Make a leaf suncatcher;  make a phenology wheel to track seasonal changes.

Wild Wonders: Nature Journal – Make a nature journal and record what you see outside.

Wild Wonders: Rainbow Hike – Head outside with an array of colors to match in nature.

Wild Wonders: Fall Mandalas – Make a beautiful design outside and leave for others to enjoy.

Wild Wonders: Grow from Seed – Grow a plant anytime indoors from seed, watch it change and develop.

Wild Wonders: Survival Bracelet – You never know what you might need to survive in the wild.

Wild Wonders: Dragonfly Nature Craft – Create a beautiful dragonfly out of maple seeds.

Wild Wonders: Twirling Stick Mobile – Turn a simple stick collection into exquisite art.

Wild Wonders: Hapa Zome Eco Printing – Turn colorful flowers into fun eco-printing with flower pounding.