Earth Day Success!

A very big thank you to the 50+ people who came out on Earth Day last week to pick up trash around Brunswick with CREA and BTLT!

We covered seven separate sites, filling THREE dumpsters with trash! The plants and animals that call these places home will be healthier in the weeks and months to come and these shared landscapes will be as they should be — trash-free.  

Teams spread out to cover Brunswick Maine St & Common; Woodward Cove Preserve, Crystal Spring Farm frontage on Pleasant Hill Road, Merriconeag Road and Kate Furbish Preserve, Orion Street, Pegasus Street and neighborhood, Neptune Woods Preserve and Neptune Drive neighborhood. Big thanks to our team leaders Ashley, Ben, Charlie, Alisha, Tom, and Tailani!

Folks found all kinds of odd things, like sleds, steel wire, toys, and lots and lots of plastic and Styrofoam. It can take hundreds of years for plastics to break down in the natural environment. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your own plastic consumption at home, check out this event at GoGo Refill this week! 

Did you know that April is the best time to do neighborhood clean-ups? It’s easy to spot trash before grass gets long and shrubs leaf out. We hope you are inspired by this event to get out and tidy up your own property or neighborhood!