Dogs at the Farmers’ Market

Sadly the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust board and staff have found it necessary to adopt a no dog policy at the Farmers’ Market at Crystal Spring Farm beginning October 6.

The Farmers’ Market has struggled with the challenges of having dogs in the busy space of our Market for years. More recently, the amplified popularity of the market has brought an increased number of dogs to the market green which unfortunately has caused more challenges and concerns for public safety.  These challenges have included dog quarrels, defecation, unhealthy conditions created by dogs in vendor booths, and safety concerns such as not respecting the space of small children and the tripping hazard of leashes. In the best interest of our visitors and to provide a safe, positive community space we will institute this new policy at the Farmers’ Market beginning the first Saturday of October.

We encourage you to visit the trails at Crystal Spring Farm and the other BTLT trails where leashed dogs are welcome. Please see our trail map of Crystal Spring Farm by visiting this link:

Thank you for your understanding.