Defying a national trend

Defying a national trend

Making local farms and local food possible

Sunday’s edition of Portland Press Herald again shows just how much of a difference you make in Brunswick, Topsham, and Bowdoin

Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust's Crystal Spring Farm

You only have to look as far as this weekend’s Portland Press Herald to see an example of the difference you are making in our community by being a member.

An article by Dennis Hoey on February 21st notes that working farms in Maine are on the rise.

Hoey states that the recently released census data shows that there are 8,174 farms operating in Maine, an increase since 2007 despite a 4% decline nationally.

Our local food culture is attracting young people, too.

With an average age of Maine farmers at 57, Hoey points out that Maine’s farmers under 34 years of age increased by nearly 150 since 2007.

All of this means better food in our restaurants, healthier meals for our kids, and economic growth in an industry that keeps working farms alive.

Your membership support makes all of this possible.

Together we have conserved over 1,000 acres of farmland in our area, working with many of our 67 local farms.

That work includes very recognizable local farms including the Land Trust’s beloved Crystal Spring Farm.

From Maine’s largest farmers’ market, to local farm conservation, taking part in establishing the Maine Harvest Company in Topsham, and so much more…thank you Brunswick, Topsham, and Bowdoin.

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