Trail Connections

As our community works through the many implications of the COVID-19 outbreak, BTLT is dedicated to helping in every way we can.

Cathance River Nature Preserve has been temporarily closed at the request of the landowner due to concerns around recent increased use and safety related to Covid-19. Highland Green initiated this closure to protect residents within the community who are deemed at high risk.
This closure comes with a heavy heart, as we believe the natural world provides solace, a place for healthy activity, and a welcome respite from the current concerns so distressing to everyone. We are particularly saddened for those who lack ready access to nature. We look forward to reopening the Cathance River Nature Preserve trails as soon as possible. 

BTLT’s other preserves will remain open to all with reminders to practice responsible social distancing. You can find more information about other local trails while the Preserve is temporarily closed here.

If you are on the trails, please maintain adequate social distance and be sure to follow the guidelines as outlined in our recent blog post. Click the photo to the right to learn more about how to stay safe on the trails.

Our Trails:

Click the image below to learn more about each property where we have trails.

Bradley Pond Farm Preserve

Bradley Pond Farm hosts two miles of trails are open to the public, providing views of hayfields, stone walls, and Bradley Pond from the hush of deep woods.

Trail Connection Conservation Focus

Trails are one of the most important ways our community engages with the natural world – enhancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We know that trails are an important economic driver, bringing tourists and new residents alike. For this reason, the Land Trust prioritizes trail connections in our conservation work.

Cathance River Nature Preserve

Cathance River Nature Preserve hosts an extensive network of trails that provide wonderful views of river rapids, flat-water, and the large Heath Bog.

Chase Reserve

Chase Reserve has a 1-mile trail that connects with Freeport Conservation Trust trails.

Crystal Spring Farm

At Crystal Spring Farm 5 miles of trails provide quiet respite in the natural world, winding through deep forest, along creeks, vernal pools, and active farmland, and pass through the unique Sandplain Grassland.

Head of Tide Park

Head of Tide Park provides and important trail head for a 1.4-mile section of trail that connects with the 5 miles of trail at the Cathance River nature Preserve.

Maquoit Bay Conservation Land

Maquoit Bay Conservation Land has a mile-long trail leading to the ocean and wonderful views of Maquoit Bay.

Neptune Woods

At Neptune Woods, multi-use trails are now open for mountain bikers of all levels to find excitement in the woods on Brunswick Landing.

Skolfield Preserve

Skolfield Preserve hosts a mile long trail through mixed woods abutting the salt marsh of Middle Bay Cove in Brunswick.

Smart Property

The Smart Property is the home of the Town Landing Trail, a 0.3 mile trail featuring an uncommon Silver Maple Floodplain Forest with towering silver maples, flooded ash swamps, and views of the Androscoggin River.

Tarbox Preserve

Tarbox is a 121-acre property between the Cathance and Muddy Rivers. The property includes upland forests, fields, active vernal pools, wetlands, and over 4,000 feet of river frontage.

Woodward Cove

Woodward Cove has a water access trail for clammers, wormers, and hand carry boats and a winding, lollipop shaped loop trail just under a half mile long featuring gentle hills, views of the marsh, and numerous apple trees.

Woodward Point

Woodward Point Preserve has a 1.5-mile network of trails that lead across open fields and through forest to the water’s edge with plentiful birdwatching. This preserve is open for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.