Muddy River Conservation Focus Area

The Muddy River is a relatively small, largely untouched drainage that drains into Merrymeeting Bay at Pleasant Point in Topsham. The river is surrounded by extensive freshwater tidal marsh, a rare ecosystem that provides habitat for a unique group of plants and animals.  Consequently, the river acts as an important pre-migration staging habitat for thousands of waterfowl and wading birds. While the river is relatively short, it provides excellent bird watching opportunities from small boats. The area also contains archaeological artifacts and evidence of use by Native Americans.

Muddy River Conservation Properties:

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The 8-acre Cary easement is on the Foreside Road in Topsham has shore frontage on the Muddy River and abuts shoreland owned by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Muddy River

The Muddy River Property is a 12-acre property located on the Muddy River in Topsham, owned by the Land Trust.


The Tarbox Property is a 121-acre property that spans between the Cathance and Muddy Rivers in Topsham.

Muddy River Resources at a glance:

Land-based Recreation

  • Hunting

Water-based Recreation

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Clamming
  • Boating

Rare Natural Communities

  • Freshwater Tidal Marsh
  • Alder Thicket (exemplary)
  • White Oak – Red Oak Forest

Significant Wildlife Habitat

  • Tidal Wadingbird and Waterfowl Habitats
  • Significant Vernal Pools

Rare Animal Species

  • Bald Eagle

Rare Plant Species

  • Eaton’s Bur-marigold
  • Estuary Bur-marigold
  • Estuary Monkeyflower
  • Dwarf Bulrush
  • Long’s Bittercress
  • Mudwort
  • Parker’s Pipewort
  • Pygmyweed
  • Spongy Arrowhead
  • Water Pimpernel

Agricultural Lands

  • None mapped

Notable Landscape Features

  • Cold Water Fisheries: Eastern Brook Trout
  • Opportunities to support marsh migration (sea level rise)