Skolfield Preserve

The Skolfield Preserve is an 8.4-acre fee property (owned by the Land Trust) with shore frontage on Middle Bay Cove. The property is adjacent to mud and clam flats which are important to the ecology of Middle Bay as well as the local fisheries-based economy. Skolfield Preserve contains valuable habitat for many species of bird, and is an excellent spot for birdwatching. The preserve is home to tall, mature trees—some of the oldest stands on the peninsula. The site also has historic interest—it is located near a traditional canoe portage site called Merriconeag (‘carrying place’) by Native Americans, and was the site of a shipyard in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Preserve is open to the public and has one mile of walking trails.

Important Historic Area

Birding Site

Trail Details:

Skolfield Preserve is a small preserve of mature mixed woods abutting the salt marsh of Middle Bay Cove in Brunswick.

It is rich with history, and its location adjacent to the marsh makes it very valuable to migratory birds – over 150 bird species have been observed in and around the preserve. No dogs or bikes, please!

Directions to Skolfield Preserve: Just across from Sea Grass Farm Rd on Route 123/Harpswell Rd, Brunswick, . Look for a drainage culvert and narrow gravel access driveway, leading to a brown wooden sign with white lettering on the edge of the woods. Note: the Preserve is located just before the Harpswell town line. The large farm and orchard just over the Harpswell townline is owned by the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust and also has trails.

Map: Trails at Skolfield Preserve