Viewshed Protection

Important Historic District

Shipyard is a 1.8-acre easement property located on Middle Bay in the historic Pennellville district of Brunswick. The property protects 280 feet of shoreline along Middle Bay, and includes a mix of natural woodland and open, mown fields. The property functions as a water quality buffer, and the whole property is included in the State Wildlife Action Plan as an identified Focus Area of Statewide Ecological Significance. The tidal area of the property is identified as waterfowl and wading bird habitat. Green ash can be found on the property, along with other deciduous and evergreen trees, and various viburnum, bayberry, and blackberry shrubs can also be found. The diverse mix of open and forested habitats, along with abundant food-providing trees and shrubs, creates a small but important natural area for birds to nest and food, for small mammals to find shelter, and for more mobile species such as fox and white tailed deer to find sustenance.
This property does not have public access.