Maquoit Bay Conservation Focus Area

The Maquoit Bay focus area encompasses shoreland and upland from the head of Maquoit Bay (west of Mere Point Road) to the Brunswick-Freeport town line, including the outlet of Bunganuc Stream. This area is also a Focus Area of Statewide Ecological Significance and is identified as a priority habitat block in the Rural Brunswick Smart Growth Plan.

This focus area is notable for its diverse habitats and wide array of ecological values.  Spartina saltmarsh, inter-tidal mudflats, and eelgrass beds in the bay support fish, invertebrates, waterfowl, wading birds, and other wildlife, including commercially valuable species such as shellfish and bait worms.

Maquoit Bay is economically important for commercial fisheries, such as clamming. The area is popular with visitors and residents  for birdwatching, paddling, swimming, hunting, and fishing. Maquoit Bay and its marshes also provide an important protective buffer from storm surge and rising sea levels.

Maquoit Bay Conservation Properties:

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Chase Reserve

Chase Reserve is a 194-acre easement property on Bunganuc Rd in Brunswick.

Maquoit Bay Conservation Land

Maquoit Bay Conservation Land is a 124-acre easement property located on Bunganuc Road in Brunswick.

Stoddard Property

The Stoddard Property is a 60 acre easement property located on Bunganuc Road in Brunswick.

Maquoit Bay Resources at a glance:

Land-based Recreation

  • Trails
  • Hunting

Water-based Recreation

  • Fishing
  • Clamming
  • Swimming
  • Boating

Shellfish Harvesting

Rare Natural Communities

  • Pitch Pine Heath Barren
  • Salt-hay Saltmarsh

Significant Wildlife Habitat

  • Tidal Wadingbird and Waterfowl Habitats
  • Shorebird Feeding and Roosting Habitat
  • Significant Vernal Pools

Rare Animal Species

  • Saltmarsh Sparrow

Rare Plant Species

  • None Mapped

Agricultural Lands

  • Open fields, prime soils, active farms

Notable Landscape Features

  • Significant shellfish resource
  • Opportunities to support marsh migration (sea level rise)