Little River Conservation Focus Area

Located in Topsham and Bowdoin, the Little River is a hidden gem with short but entirely remote paddling and trout fishing. This remoteness makes the Little valuable habitat for wildlife and conservation along the river river maintains higher water quality in the Little River, which, in turn, supports higher water quality in the Androscoggin River into which it drains.

Little River Conservation Properties:

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Little River Preserve

The Little River Preserve is a 4.7-acre fee property located on Rt. 196 at the boundary between Topsham and Lisbon.

Little River Resources at a glance:

Land-based Recreation

  • Trails

Water-based Recreation

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Hand-carry Boating

Rare Natural Communities

  • None mapped

Significant Wildlife Habitat

  • Deer Wintering Areas
  • Inland Wadingbird and Waterfowl Habitats

Rare Animal Species

  • None mapped*

Rare Plant Species

  • None Mapped**

*Creeper (Strophitus undulatus) freshwater mussel is found just 1,500 downstream from the Little River in the Androscoggin River, and is a species of Special Concern listed by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

**Narrow-leaved Arrowhead (Sagittaria filiformis J.G. Sm.) is found approximately a half mile downstream from the Little River in the Androscoggin River, and is listed as imperiled in Maine because of rarity by the Maine Natural Areas Program.