Farmland Conservation Focus

Farmland is an important asset in our community. Active agriculture provides us with regional food security as well as access to healthy, fresh food. Farmland provides diverse habitat for wildlife. The scenic vistas of open farms support economic vitality by encouraging tourism, and connect locals and visitors with the history and traditions of the region. Working farms provide jobs and support the economy with the products they sell to local consumers.

Farmland Conservation Properties:

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Bradley Pond Farm

Bradley Pond Farm Preserve is a 163-acre easement property located adjacent to Bradley Pond, the head waters of the Cathance River.

Cathance River Farm

Cathance River Farm is an 85-acre easement property along the eastern shore of the Cathance River that was formerly used as a farm.

Coleman Farm

Coleman Farm’s 86 acres provide woodland buffers that protect water quality, habitat for migratory shorebirds, tidal flats, protection for ecologically significant Middle Bay, and active pastureland.

Crystal Spring Farm

Crystal Spring Farm reflects many important parts of the Land Trust’s mission including pursuing conservation while also promoting local agriculture and supporting community needs in diverse ways.

Fairwinds Farm

Fairwinds Farm is under a 19-acre easement that allows for continued farming of a small field in the upland area, contributing to continuation of agriculture in the region.

Head of Tide Farm

Head of Tide Farm protects over 1,000 feet of riparian area adjacent to Head of Tide Park in Topsham, ensuring the continuation of scenic views and natural habitat at the farthest point upstream that tidal fluctuations affect the Cathance River.

Mountfort Farm

The Mountfort Farm includes historic buildings, farmland, fields, a wooded area, and wetland habitat for wildlife.

Morse Farm

Morse Farm protects 200-year old agricultural landscape and buildings with an easement that provides sustainable forestry, protects scenic open space, and limits sprawl in rural Brunswick.

Packard Farm

Packard Farm is a 33-acre easement property with 511 feet of shorefront on Middle Bay on Pennellville Road in Brunswick. Packard Farm’s proximity to Middle Bay—an area of statewide ecological significance—makes it important to protection of the bay.

Ricker-Scammon Farm

The Ricker-Scammon Farm is an easement of 113 acres protecting traditional agricultural uses, wildlife habitat, Cathance Stream frontage, and scenic views in

Simpson Farm

Simpson Farm is a 36 acre easement  property of meadows, mixed forest, and stream floodplain on River Road in Brunswick.