Rogers Property

Watershed Protection

The Rogers Property is a 32-acre easement property located on Beechwood Drive off of Cathance Road. The Rogers property has 1,300 feet of undeveloped shoreline on the Cathance River and is part of the string of Trust properties protecting a recreation/conservation corridor from the Cathance River Preserve to Head of Tide Park. The property contains a small network of trails, including the Cathance River Trail, a through trail along the river.  The property is owned by the Town of Topsham and public access is allowed.

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Rogers Property

Trail Details

The trail on the Rogers Property is part of the Cathance River Trail, accessed from Head of Tide Park. Most of this trail is on privately owned, conserved land, so stay on trails and observe posted use restrictions. This 2 mile section of trail leads to the impressive 60-foot aluminum Clay Brook pedestrian bridge which was locally designed and fabricated.

Across the bridge lie an additional five miles of trail at the Cathance River Preserve.

Directions to Head of Tide Park: Cathance Road, Topsham. Coming from the south, parking areas are located on the right just before short bridge over the river, and on the left just past the bridge (across from picnic table shelter).

Map: Cathance River Trail at Head of Tide Park