Cathance River Wetlands Preserve

Watershed Protection

Important Historic District

Important Habitat

Cathance River Wetlands Preserve encompasses five wetland parcels along the western and eastern shores of the Cathance River that are being managed as a unit. Totaling 115 acres, most of the Preserve consists of stream floodplains, wet meadows, and scrub-shrub wetlands. Together, the five parcels conserve about 1.5 miles of shore frontage along the Cathance River and 1,500 feet of frontage along Branch Brook, one of its tributaries. The Preserve is part of an extensive network of conservation properties along the Cathance River and a large wetland complex that protects water quality in the river and Merrymeeting Bay which lies downstream. It also protects valuable undisturbed habitat, scenic views, and provides ecological services such as flood protection, water filtration, and nutrient retention.

Due to a high water table on these properties, their primary recreational values are hunting and scenic views for boaters.

Cathance River Wetlands Preserve