Cathance River Nature Preserve

Cathance River Nature Preserve is a 230-acre easement property adjacent to the Cathance River in Topsham. The preserve features almost 8,000 feet of shorefront on the Cathance River, making this property important to the river’s ecological health. The Cathance River is one of six rivers flowing to Merrymeeting Bay, a resource of statewide ecological significance. The preserve is open to the public and hosts an extensive network of trails that provide wonderful views of river rapids, flat-water, and the large Heath Bog.

Watershed Protection

Trail Details

Please respect the landowner’s generosity in sharing this beautiful area and observe use restrictions.

  • Dogs and bikes are not allowed at the Preserve.

Directions to Cathance River Nature Preserve: Cathance River Nature Preserve is located at the Highland Green development in Topsham. From Route 201 in Topsham, take Route 196 east (Coastal Connector) to the first set of lights. Turn left at the lights into Highland Green on Village Drive. A new Hiker Parking area, generously provided by Highland Green, has opened at the Preserve near its prior location on Evergreen Circle. To access the new Hiker Parking, follow Village Drive to Evergreen Circle. Do not take the former access road (which is now gated). Instead, continue straight past the golf club, Ecology Center, and new development. Hiker Parking is on the left approximately 1.8 miles from the Coastal Connector/Rt. 196. Please limit use of Ecology Center parking to overflow parking. As parking is limited, please park efficiently to allow space for others.

Map: Cathance River Trails