Cathance River Nature Preserve has been temporarily closed at the request of the landowner due to concerns around recent increased use and safety related to Covid-19. Highland Green initiated this closure to protect residents within the community who are deemed at high risk.
This closure comes with a heavy heart, as we believe the natural world provides solace, a place for healthy activity, and a welcome respite from the current concerns so distressing to everyone. We are particularly saddened for those who lack ready access to nature. We look forward to reopening the Cathance River Nature Preserve trails as soon as possible. 
BTLT’s other preserves will remain open to all with reminders to practice responsible social distancing. You can find more information about other local trails and how to be safe on them while the Preserve is temporarily closed here.

Head of Tide Park (seen below) remains open, but hikers will need to turn back when they hit Clay Brook Bridge.

Kristi Hatrick, BTLT Development Associate, enjoyed Head of Tide Park (pictured at left and below) over the weekend with her family. After they learned all about the feldspar mill and admired the falls, they walked the trail to Clay Brook Bridge. This was Kristi’s first visit to Clay Brook Bridge, but her my kids, CREA camp aficionados, were pretty excited to share it with her.